Luciani Group is a retained executive search firm led by Tom Luciani. We specialize in executive-level searches in Human Resources, Finance, Accounting and Legal. As part of the Kula Consulting Group, we are unequaled in experience and the ability to deliver the best talent and a full range of human capital acquisition and retention services.

Our team at Luciani Group is a reflection of the firm's extensive talent, experience and commitment to quality and diversity in the human capital industry.


Tom Luciani 

Vice President, Sr. Finance Executive Search.

A graduate of Cornell University, Tom previously co-founded three financial search firms: Luciani, Schlatter & Associates in 1981, Management Solutions in 1987, and The Luciani Group in 1995. Over the years, Tom's firms have represented hundreds of Bay Area companies in obtaining top financial managers and executives.

The Luciani Group functioned as a boutique financial search practice with a proven approach to providing technology companies with the best talent available, in a timely manner, at an affordable price. In 2009, Tom merged the Luciani Group with Kula Consulting.

Tom is widely recognized as a major player in Bay Area financial search. He is highly respected, well known, likable and creative. For over thirty years, he has watched the Northern California technology industry develop from its infancy and brings a huge network as well as wealth of knowledge to the table on each search he and his team takes on.

The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.
— Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States

Retained Search process

We conduct discussions with appropriate staff and executives of your company to fully develop our understanding of your needs, the personalities involved and your corporate culture. We seek qualified candidates through targeted research, conversations with peer contacts, industry contacts, academic contacts and trade associations.

Our conversations with prospective candidates will address two general objectives:

  • Screening candidates against the qualifications profile.
  • Enrolling potentially qualified candidates in the opportunity your company represents.

We present qualified candidates' professional credentials and narrative descriptions of their relevant experience. In addition, we determine their respective levels of interest and suggest schedules that meet these.


Process Ensures Successful Outcome

We work with your organization to manage the process that begins with agreeing on the candidates to be interviewed and concludes with extension of offers. This includes administrative aspects such as scheduling interviews and making hotel reservations. In addition, we maintain informal, open relationships with both you and the candidates so that any concerns on both sides are identified and addressed promptly.

We manage expectations within the process so that each participant is kept properly informed and the search remains as inclusive of these individuals as is appropriate.


We are committed to communication

We stay in close contact with candidates, ensuring that the offer presentation is made properly. We follow up with both the client contact and the successful candidate after the first thirty days of employment, after three months, and after one year.

During the entire search process, we will be in constant communication as the need to accommodate new information or changes in the assignment's specification or qualification profile may arise. Our process challenges many assumptions and evaluates the client environment and takes into consideration changing market conditions.

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